About statkat
Statkat is an online support system for students who are following a course in statistics. Statkat helps students to master commonly used statistical methods like $t$ tests, ANOVA, and regression analysis. The content of Statkat is based on ten years of experience in doing research and teaching statistical methods to students in applied sciences, and consists of three main parts:
  1. Overview tables of statistical methods and their properties, and the opportunity to compare different methods with each other. Students often find it difficult to keep track of all the new information they learn. They do not know when to use which method or formula, and lose track of the differences and commonalities between the different methods. The overview tables can be very useful in bringing back the structure into the chaos.
  2. Questions to practice with, together with hints and often extensive explanations on request. The questions are a good preparation of the exam and allow active learning of the course material. The optional hints and explanations that come with the questions ensure that students do not need to feel desperate if they do not know the answer. Instead, they can learn from the questions they cannot solve by looking at one or more hints and retrying, or by reading the full explanation. In this way, they learn small pieces of information each time they ask for help. Also, due to the “aha experience”, this information will be more likely to stick than the information students passively read or hear when studying the course material or attending lectures.
  3. A method selection tool, which helps students to find the appropriate statistical inferential technique given their research question or homework assignment. In addition to providing assistance, the tool teaches students the questions they should ask themselves when looking for an appropriate statistical method.
Together, the overview tables, practice questions, and method selection tool are a powerful add in the learning process of students in statistics.

Website developer:
Dr. Rivka M. de Vries