Statistical method selection tool

Do you find it difficult to select an appropriate statistical inferential technique given your research question or homework assignment? Answer the questions below and our tool will help you to select an appropriate method for your task! If you have a data set to analyze, you may also like Statkat's jamovi module for test selection. Read our jamovi blog post to learn more about this module.

Please note that the tool is aimed at the situation where you have some (information about) sample data, and you want to draw inferences about the population from which the sample was drawn. If you have access to data from the complete population, statistical inferential techniques are useless.

Good to know!

The statistical technique recommended by this tool might be a good option based on your answers given to the questions. There can be details related to your data, task, or assignment not covered by our questions that may render the advice moot. Always check the assumptions made by the statistical technique before interpreting the results. We have tried to come up with the least complicated technique that might be applicable given your answers given. Keep in mind that there may be other, more advanced, techniques that might be applicable as well. Highly advanced techniques are not covered by this tool.